My name is Elizabeth Vargas and I am a senior at the University of Oregon. My focuses are in public relations and political science, with special emphasis on advocacy, community coalition building and small business. In addition to being a Dean’s List student, I hold internship positions as a student outreach coordinator for Encircle Films and as a Grassroots Team Leader for Global Zero. My work in these nonprofits has helped me establish a community centered mindset and valuable skills in community coalition building and public speaking.

Through community organizing, I have executed several successful events in the city of Eugene. In one particular instance, I was able to organize a rally in support of Syrian refugees through community collaboration. The community members I worked with helped turn my vision into a rally with a turnout of over 150 people and with the sponsorship of several organizations in the community and on campus. In addition to these events, I have been invited to speak on several panels for organizations, including a panel on the Syrian civil war and on nuclear weapons proliferation.

In addition to being a student of public relations and political science, I am also an artist. Being an artist has given me insight into the challenges and opportunities small-scale artisans face when trying to grow their brand as well as a respect for small business and businesses that support local suppliers.

In the future, I would like to continue community outreach efforts in my career. After graduation I would like to use my unique experiences in nonprofit public relations, working on CSR campaigns or in small business public relations. Eventually, I would like to start my own firm specializing in advocacy, artisan and nonprofit public relations.