Designing for the Future: Are you ahead of the times?

Earlier this week I read an article about McDonald’s.

Now if you keep up with business news, reading an article about McDonald’s can mean anything from locally sourced food to pink slime.

This article, however, was slightly unexpected.

This particular story describes McDonald’s new technology initiative for self-serve kiosks that will soon be coming to a city near you.

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McDonald’s has been having a hard time for a while now. Through initiatives such as better sourcing of food and more transparent work practices they’ve been slowly gaining their customers base back.

This new initiative is designed to expand on these earlier changes.

Julia Horowitz of CNN states, “Now, McDonald’s loyalists will be able to place their customized order on a touch screen, take a seat and have their meal brought right over. Next year, they’ll even have the option of mobile ordering.”

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This may seem like a leap for McDonald’s, but it may not be a leap in the right direction.

With the advancement of technology, service has become a memory, especially in the fast food industry. By investing in technology that relies on machines to make a customer happy, McDonald’s loses a personal connection to its consumers.

If the goal really is to set themselves apart, they should be investing in face-to-face interactions rather than machinery.

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As time and technology advance, companies must find a way to advance in their customer service initiatives. Good customer service not only builds loyalty, it gives a company a name and a face to remember.

What do you think of technology replacing employees? Reply in the comments below.


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