Snapchat: Redesigning social media for the 21st century

Last week, I wrote a story about ideas that are changing the way we conduct our everyday lives.

This week, I wanted to highlight a specific company who is changing the way we interact through social media.


Snapchat is the first social media platform to offer fast, digital, one-time only content. Once valued at $3 billion by Facebook, the company is now rumored to be going public at an estimated worth of between $25 billion and $35 billion by next year.

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The design behind Snapchat is extremely unique. It is the first social media platform to be founded on disappearing content; the idea that you can take an image and have it disappear in 10 seconds or less is revolutionary.

And why not?

Though the idea seems simple, it allows users to feel comfortable sending things they wouldn’t normally send. Whether it’s 20 pictures of your cat, or double chin photos where, let’s face it, you look awful, it only last for a matter of seconds.

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Continuing with the idea of disappearing content, Snapchat has just released its plans for Spectacles. These video capturing glasses, retailing at a mere $129.99, are coming to a town near you.

Just not for long.

According to Recode, the Spectacles selling vending machines will only be at each location for a day before they are removed.

And that’s on purpose. Spectacles are meant to be a limited edition items with only a few thousand in production this fall.

Kurt Wagner writes, “It’s an unorthodox way to bring something like this to market. Most companies selling hardware simply throw up a website. But Snapchat and CEO Evan Spiegel have always liked to do things differently. An ephemeral vending machine that uses the company’s face-recognition technology is incredibly on-brand.”

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What do you think of the idea of a disappearing store? Does it entice you to buy Spectacles?


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