Equal Pay: Are you behind on the times?

With the 2016 election coming to an end, and all of us holding our breath, I wanted to talk about an issue that affects every business, regardless of industry.

Equal Pay.

The wage gap between men and women has been around forever, but more and more people have taken up the issue each year.

Even in women-dominated industries such as public relations, the wage gap is there. An Atlantic article states, “Women make up 63 percent of public relations “specialists,” according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, and 59 percent of all PR managers.”

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Not only is the pay gap very present in public relations, it is actually increasing.

A study done through PR Week found that “the average salaries for men and women with less than five years’ experience were $50,500 and $48,00, respectively. The overall averages were  $125,000 and $84,000.” And that was a higher gap than the same survey found the previous year.

So what’s the deal?

One theory is that the gap exists because women take more time off work than men. Women seek out industries that give them time to care for their families and this leads to the pay gap.

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However, I think that there is no excuse for the pay gap. Traditional gender roles have been blending for decades. It is no longer acceptable for those roles to transfer into the office.

So here’s my advice.

Demand equal pay. If you are new to the professional world, or a seasoned executive, don’t settle for less.

That goes for organizations too.

No longer is there an excuse to pay less. Any company that values its employees will support equal pay. If you want to attract the best, be the best. Design your business around valuing both genders equally.

What do you think?

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