Incorporating Green Design: A Starbucks Story

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is one of the main ways companies give back to their communities. Through partnering with nonprofits, committing themselves to better practices, and volunteering in their local towns and cities, businesses demonstrate their dedication to creating better lives for their customers.

Many CSR campaigns focus on issues that affect their customers every day, and one of the main issues on customers minds today is global warming. As concerns for the environment grow, more and more companies are incorporating sustainability into their CSR campaigns.

One of these companies is Starbucks. Starbucks describes the planet as its “most important business partner,” and it’s not hard to see why. Everything that Starbucks produces relies on natural resources that, as we know through global warming experts, are rapidly disappearing.

Since 2004, Starbucks has made it a mission to reduce their environmental footprint. Globally, they work with closely with producers to guarantee they have the most sustainable products available. Locally, they encourage their customers to reduce their impact through recycling, using their own cups and offering rewards to those that do.

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This dedication to environmentally friendly practices extends beyond the products Starbucks produces. Rather than stop there, they incorporate sustainability into the places they operate in as well.

Starbucks states, “In the areas of environmental performance, we have implemented rigorous green building as a standard practice in new construction projects and renovations. In 2008, we had one LEED® certified store, and today, we have more than 800, including the LEED® Platinum Starbucks® Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.”

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CSR can be a fantastic way to show customers that you are willing to grow along side them. With more and more customers researching products before they buy them, it is imperative that companies dedicate themselves to better practices.

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Starbucks is just one example of a company listening to its customers desires, and implementing changes that meet them, and it’s paid off. Since their dedication to sustainable practices and design, Starbucks’ customer base has grown tremendously.

What is a company you support based on their dedication to change? Comment below.

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