Local vs Large-Scale: What does it say about you?

Local vs large-scale. That can mean a lot of things. It can be referring to the size or outreach of you business, it can mean your personal preference, but in this context, I am referring to the products a business carries.

Making the choice between carrying local products or mass produced products can say a lot about your business. Actually, it can be a large factor in how your customers and your community view you. There is no right or wrong when deciding what you will stock, but it is important to consider the different implications associated with either option.

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Lets start with local. Carrying locally made products can be beneficial in a variety of ways. First, it tells the community you support them, and creates a closer connection with your customer base.

Second, it allows you to build more intimate relationships with your suppliers. Having one person to talk to when ordering a product is a lot more personal than calling a large dealer service department.

Lastly, you are more likely to carry better-made products. Local products are often handcrafted, making them unique and better quality than those of their larger competitors.

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That’s not to say that there aren’t advantages to having large-scale products in your store too. When buying from larger companies, you are given more products to choose from, and more options for those products.

When working with a larger supplier, you are able to order more items from those suppliers. This saves you time and resources spent having to locate many different suppliers for many different things.

This also saves you time when deciding when you want those products to arrive or if you need to quickly reorder a bestseller.

Lastly, when working with a large company, you often have name recognition that can help advertise your product and build trust with your customers. When a customer recognizes something from a brand they already own, they are more likely to buy it.

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Regardless of what you choose, the main goal is to carry well-made products that sell, and that keep your unique customer base coming back fro more.

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