Five Display Tips to Skyrocket your Curb Appeal

How many times have you woken up in the morning, crawled out of bed, put on a pair of leggings, and thought, “this is good enough right?” We’ve all been there. We get tired, we get burned out and we get sloppy.

Businesses are no different. When employees and management get stressed they often start forgetting the little things. One of these things is window displays.

Window displays are one of the most important, and most overlooked opportunities to gain new customers for brick and mortar businesses. However, just like you love your leggings, businesses love going for the same, slightly boring, safe window displays.

So here are five tips to stop simply showing new merchandise, and start seriously impressing those window shoppers.

1. Don’t be afraid to mix it up 

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Can I just say how much I love this image. Not only is it fun, creative and beautiful, it brings two of my favorite vices together, shoes and wine. Would you stop at this window? I would.

Can you think of a better combination than a gorgeous pair of shoes paired with a perfect wine?

That’s why this display works, it not only shows off the merchandise but sells the experience of owning those shoes.

When creating a display, try to think of the experience you want your buyer to have when using that product. If there’s something that goes along with that experience don’t be afraid to put it in your display, not only does it make you different, it makes your products more enticing too.

2. Redesign something simple into something essential 

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How many times have you heard the saying “show, don’t tell?” It’s not only good advice for your personal life, but also for your business. No matter how simple an object is, it has the potential to be an valuable part of any good display.

The picture above is a perfect example of that. What is more simple and overlooked than a mannequin? However, in this context the mannequins are the main focal point of the display; they are showing, not telling.

Every part of your display should be essential to its success. Otherwise, it is a placeholder, and placeholders don’t sell products.

3. Don’t be afraid to be cliche

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Growing up, I was told to avoid cliches like the plague, but as I got older I realized, as with most things, it’s all about moderation.

One of the cliches that I choose to embrace is the seasonal display. Sure, it’s overdone, but who doesn’t love the holidays?

Just like everything else, make it original, and make it unique to your brand.

4. Make your sign POP

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Nothing screams your brand more than your name. Think of Coco Chanel,  Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs. Name recognition pulls the consumer in, opens up new markets, and establishes your company among the top. Your logo should reflect that.

Not only does your logo need to stand out, so does its placement. Where your sign is, and how it’s designed can be the deciding factor between having a customer walk in, or walk away.

Get creative, use a great font, and make it pop.

5. Be fearless in the face of color 

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One of the easiest and most obvious ways to make a display stand out, is through color. Color draws the eye, elicits emotion, and has the ability to personalize any product.

Elle and Company put it best saying, “Design is all about first impressions, and one of the most important factors of any design is color. Color choices, pairings, and usage can affect how someone perceives a billboard, a website, or a box of cereal.”

Of course there are many palettes to choose from, but don’t be afraid to take a risk either. Rather than staying safe, try using colors that clash every once in a while. Or if that’s too nerve racking, enlist an accent color to help your display stand out.

As long as it’s not beige.



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